Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wintry Randomness

I hate winter. And I meant hate, hate it with a passion.  After December 25th, I'm ready for all the snow to be gone and to be replaced with summer. But, as I do so love spring and fall, winter is just a season that must be endured.  Instead of sitting inside pouting about the temperature (although, really, -10 degrees, who enjoys that?) I try to focus on the positives of winter.  Forget the ugly brown slush of the roads, the icey cold wind that creeps down your neck, the wet hems on your pants, freezing legs on Sunday mornings, life postponed, dark days, staticy hair.  Bring on the hot chocolate, warm not itchy sweaters, cozy socks, dump-in-half-the-sugar-bowl-tea, little clementines packed with vitamin C, fuzzy blankets, fireplace reading, movie marathons, awesome tights, infinity scarves, those never-before-used oh so hopeful ice skates, and glistening white snow.

There are some things I love in the winter that just aren't there in the summer!  Just got to let go of the miserableness and be happy in those little things!  Like the way Rory gets his winter coat and his hair is all fuzzy and snuggly. Listening to my Frozen soundtrack on repeat, sitting in front of the fire with a good book or my new aweseomeful computer. Rereading good books with a cup of tea, and exploring new stories.

Winter dress! Black boots and red lipstick, old hoodies that make you feel just so happy. Glittery eyeshadow and red sweaters and ice blue nailpolish. Of course my kitty cat ears hat I received on my birthday from my friend Elizabeth. Totally pegged my quirky style, and Squirt loves it too!

And yes, that is a Dalek Snowman.  My cool and trendy sister knows how to participate in the fandoms properly.  I come home from work to find a Dalek in our backyard.  I didn't think we had enough snow to do more than complain about, but her optimism proved me wrong and she took advantage of the icey mixture and made this marvelous creation. The only concern, I didn't even know we had that plunger, who knows where she found it...

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