About Me


Hello there!  My name is Skyeler, and welcome to my little corner of life ramblings.  My life is a Beautiful Mess that I can't make sense of and that God is totally in control of.

I started this blog to record my Crazy, Messy, kind of Beautiful life.  I want to look at this life I'm living and realize that all of the messy bits are beautiful too.  I want to use this to glorify God and let Him work through me in any way possible.  I can't be the only one who has a far-cry-from-perfect life.  I'm definitely not the only one God is making beautiful through the mess.  And perhaps I'm not the only one who sometimes needs reminded of this.

About Me

I'm a 20-something Christian girl still living at home. ISFJ, Hufflepuff, Phlegmatic/Melancholy, Introvert.  I'm a homeschool graduate (just as contentedly strange as the rest of the "homeschoolers", I assure you) and last year finished my course in professional photography from the New York Institute of Photography. I am currently (and have been for the past few years) a part time photographer and a full time babysitter - basically, I'm a nanny who takes a lot of pictures!


I love history, vintage style, photography, children, tea, animal - and so much more. When I have some free time, I have quite the assortment of hobbies and interests I can be found indulging in.

 * I read. A lot.  See, I love books.  They are more than just stories.  The very best books teach you about life.

 * I sew.  I still have a crazy love for dressing up.  We've had the opportunity to attend a few historical events in the past, and I absolutely adore creating costumes to wear when we go.  I also sew basic skirts and dresses for myself to wear on more modern occasions; and to keep myself in practice.

 * I enjoy music. Music is powerful.  Just think, how many emotions have been felt because of music? Being able to play or sing it yourself (even with some errors XD) invokes a different expression in my personal love of music.

* Creating.  Sewing, sketching, knitting, gluing, painting, making a mess.  
"Why did she make things?  Well, she enjoyed it, of course; but it also somehow helped her remember who she was and where she came from." - unknown

I Believe

I believe in twirly dresses and vintage style.
I believe in red lipstick and awesome sunglasses.
I believe in reading, overflowing bookshelves, carrying your book everywhere, and fairytales.
I believe in the horsey smell and fuzzy kitty cats and loyal dogs and floppy eared bunnies.
I believe in smelling your favorite things and that those scents can make you happy.
 I believe in kissing! I believe in turquoise awesomeness and skipping.
I believe in blue raspberry treats that turn your tongue blue.
I believe in 4 inch heels and simple flats and red shoes.
 I believe in quirkiness and elegance.
I believe in windows rolled down and loud happy music.
I believe in laptops and pianos and lilacs. I believe in smelling books.
I believe in convertibles.  I believe in taking lots of pictures.
I believe in water and wind. I believe in laughter.
 I believe that being Fearless is actually just being Brave in disguise.
I believe in prayer.
I believe in friendship and family and love, even when it all seems to let you down.
 I believe Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins, and that He is my personal savior.

I believe that life is a pretty resilient thing.  People make mistakes. Sometimes you have to work very hard to forgive people. Sometimes you have to work very hard to forgive yourself.  When your relationship with God is right, your relationship with everyone else will be right.  Most importantly I believe in Jesus.  I am a Christian girl and lover of Christ, learning to follow him with my entire heart when he asks Do you love me?  

Now you know more about me than you ever wanted to!  I do hope you enjoy your stay here! (and if you do, click the "follow" button at the bottom, that way I can find my way back to your blog as well!)


  1. Hullo,
    I'm new to your blog via Kelly's blog party! We have a lot in common!! :D

  2. Skyeler,
    I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog! :) It's beautiful. I commented the other day and kept thinking about it, so I came back for another visit and am now your newest happy follower! ;)

  3. Hello there new friends! I am delighted by your visits! I love it when people enjoy reading my blog or looking at my pictures. It's a pleasure to "meet" you, and thank you for following! (I'm constantly trying to get out of the pit of constantly being months behind in blogging. ;)

  4. I love your blog. I'm so proud of you now you know who this is. We love you pretty girl.