Friday, September 22, 2017

Sewing Project: 1700s Colonial Williamsburg printed gown

I have been absent from the blog this summer, mostly due to our numerous travels and road trips. Which have been absolutely amazing can't lie. But I am sorry for my post neglect.  Now that I am home long enough to get a post together, I'm very excited to share one of my biggest sewing projects! Our church's teen history trip in July spent two days in Colonial Williamsurg, and I spent a few weeks leading up to the trip sewing a historical gown for the occasion.  It was 100 degrees outside those two days, but it was completely worth it. ;)

This is my second attempt at an 18th Century dress, but my first where I looked for historical accuracy.  I ordered the fabric in specifically from Williamsburg and set to altering a pattern.  There are also several layers under the dress to give it the proper shape of the times: Shift; Stockings; Stays; Pocket; Bum-roll/hip-roll; Petticoat; Neckerchief; Dress. (Perhaps I should do a post on all of the underpinnings later?)  The stomacher (front panel) of the dress is removable, and the petticoat ties shut.

Now, I did my research, but there are several nuances that I was not sure of, so I bought myself two books while there to hopefully help in the future.  I know there are seamstresses out there who are more well-versed in historical sewing than I am, so if you have any tips I would love to hear them! I feel as though I should have another petticoat, and perhaps a lighter neckerchief (although it actually does match in person.) The sleeves are a bit off, but they were so tricky I wasn't going to try and alter the pattern there any more. My stays could have been laced a bit tighter was hot. Also, I believe I should have a hat, or at least some head covering, but I was low on packing space and my hat did not quite work with my dress. All of that aside, I was very excited with the way it turned out.  Really, nothing beats going to such a historical place and feeling like you a truly a part of it! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Enchanted Rose Teacup Exchange - Spring 2017

I've gotten so far behind on my blog, I can't deny it.  And honestly, this post is quite late in coming, but I really did want to get it up all the same.  Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose hosted one of her Teacup Exchanges this spring, and I was so thankful to participate. Above I've posted the pictures of what I received in the exchange; it is always such a blessing to open the package and see what someone else has taken the time to put together, and this time was no different.

 I received this lovely package from Salinn.  The teacup itself is simply charming; look at those butterflies! Of course there were chocolates and teas and all sorts of fun extras. And the fun notebook that I cannot wait to use! Thank you so much Salinn!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

ipsy Glam Bag | Make-Up Review

I know; my poor blog has been neglected this month. Between catching a cold and keeping up with all of my commitments (some of which entered into my weekly blog time) I have yet to get a post up. However, this has given me time to truly give my ipsy subscription a chance before writing this post.

What is ipsy? 

As you may have gathered from my photos, ipsy is a make-up subscription.  Once a month they send you five make-up products (and a cutsey bag) based on your own preferences.  This is my fourth month, and I have been so pleased with my experience I thought I would share it with you!

When you first sign up for your ipsy "Glam Bag" they have you take a quick but thorough quiz to get a feel for your beauty preferences.  This little questionnaire gives them a feel for your favorite types of make-up, skin type and color, sensitivities, brands you are partial too, hair type, and products you love! With all of this in mind, the people at ipsy assemble your Glam Bag based on your personal style.

Once a month, they send you the Glam Bag, which consists of one make-up bag and 5 beauty products based on your prestated preferences.  This could include mascara, lipstick, foundation, nail polish, hair products, face masks, and the list goes on.  

Once your Glam Bag comes in, and you have time to test out and enjoy your products, you get the option to review the items.  The brand, the product, and how it personally works for you are all included in your review, which then goes to help them decide how to better choose your next bag.  Let me say, I decided to actually follow up with reviews this time (something I am usually quite forgetful about) and I am so glad I did! My bags are improving every month and I am loving my make-up products.

Also, I cannot forget one of my favorite parts of this subscription: it is only $10 per month! And yes, the shipping is free! On top of that, every review you post works towards your points system.  Enough points earned equals a bonus gift in your Glam Bag for the month you decide to redeem them.  Along with reviews, you can also earn points by telling your friends, which is exactly what I am doing here! So I will leave you with my own personal referral link, in case you decide you would like to join ipsy yourself (which I highly recommend if you are interested in trying out new make-up products in a fun and affordable fashion!)

** this is not sponsored, I merely reviewed this for my enjoyment, and yours! **

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Siesta Key - Vacation

Hello again!

This year is going to be full.  The plans are already being written down, the dates set, the changes and adventures just on the horizon.  There is an excess of life wanting to be lived.

This February, we started our crazy year with a trip to Siesta Key, Florida, to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.  Few things make my body feel better than a good dose of sunshine, especially accompanied by saltwater and sand.  We spent the days reading good books, eating wonderful food, admiring the stunning sunset, and walking the shores.

I took my camera out a few days, and wanted to share some of the beautiful sights we saw.  For the most part, these are either straight out of camera or edited with basic brightening and contrasting.