Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Siesta Key - Vacation

Hello again!

This year is going to be full.  The plans are already being written down, the dates set, the changes and adventures just on the horizon.  There is an excess of life wanting to be lived.

This February, we started our crazy year with a trip to Siesta Key, Florida, to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.  Few things make my body feel better than a good dose of sunshine, especially accompanied by saltwater and sand.  We spent the days reading good books, eating wonderful food, admiring the stunning sunset, and walking the shores.

I took my camera out a few days, and wanted to share some of the beautiful sights we saw.  For the most part, these are either straight out of camera or edited with basic brightening and contrasting.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dressing Like Jane Austen

I must say, I have a love for all things Jane Austen.  When I heard about the "I Love Austen Week" hosted by Hamlette I knew I had to participate (even though vacation planning put me almost too late.) There are lots of fun reviews currently being posted by all sorts of Jane Austen lovers right here, and I highly suggest you go check them out if you too are a fan of her works. And if you are not familiar with Jane Austen, you especially should go look around, and be prepared to find a new wondrous world opened up to you!

My post today is a quick look at how we can find ways to create our own regency wear with what we have on hand in today's world.

The First basic item, of course, is your gown.  The fabric, style, and colors can very depending on the type of event you are attending, or your own personal preferences. I chose my colors when I was sixteen, and this was my first historical project, so my colors are a bit darker than period accurate - but I liked them anyway. ;) I have worked with the Simplicity pattern 4055 with much success (pictured here) and Butterick B6074 (with alterations and changes because it was far less agreeable.)

Next are accessories.  Elbow length gloves are perfect (watch that you match creams and/or whites, depending on your gown color!) Also a small reticule is great to have to hold your personal items for the night. Thrift stores and antique stores are probably the best places to start looking for these.

Jewelry is not difficult.  Simplicity was valued, so a modest set of pearls or a small cross on a chain will accent the dress nicely. Hair adornments were also a favorite, and really such fun! I found all of these at Charming Charlies.

Don't forget to go join the fun yourself, and look around!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Current Love

It is the end of January already! I had a lot I wanted to accomplish this month, and if I'm honest, not all of it got done.  But that is okay!  I still checked off several items, and had a lot of fun in between.  While my newest blog post ideas are under construction, I'm sharing my most recent favorites of the new year.

  • Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist.  I have seen this book come up several places, and I simply had to try it.  I am by no means even close to finishing, but it was one of those rare books where the introduction gets your attention.  I quickly realized this book is going to be less about food and more about family, friends, fellowship, and faith.  

  • Blanket Scarves.  I got one for Christmas, and I love the added warmth more than I anticipated. Madison at Minnie Muse just posted a "how to wear" tutorial, and I am so excited to try new ways to style my scarf!

  •  13 Seasons of NCIS.  My mom, sister, and I have been watching through these on Netflix for over a year, and we just finished season thirteen.  It has been a lot of fun - a lot of laughs and, I'll admit, a lot of tears (especially at this most recently finale!)

  • The Coolest Little Plant.  My dad bought me this lovely terrarium for Christmas, and I love it.  Review in the process... ;)

  • Knee High Socks  from Kohl's.  Seriously, I have several colors and patterns and they are the best thing almost all January occasions.  They slide right over leggings too! 

  • Beauty and the Beast trailers.  Also, the trailer music.  Beyond excited for this!

  • Extra Cuddley Kitties.  A fuzzy cat who wants to sleep on your lap is one of the best ways to end a day.

  • At Last, Tea.  English Breakfast has been my lately go to, ironically after dinner.  I've also kept sketching my tea cups.  And I am quite fond of my ever growing little collection of teacups that I am surrounded by in my room. :)

What have been your favorites lately? 
What are you looking forward to most?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Art Project & Tea

I have a bit of a shorter post today - reason being, I'd love some feedback! (reason #2 being my minimal talent with the phone camera...) I've been projecting lately (no shock there) and my latest arts and crafts indulgence has me at the sketch book.  I drink a lot of tea (it's actually getting pretty insane) and though perhaps I could reuse all of those tea bag tags that simply go to waste.  Simply put, I added some cutesy teacups to go with them, and have been going through the different teas in the house ever since.

So do tell, what do you think? Comments, suggestions, tips, thoughts?