Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Road Trip part 2 {the zoo}

Whilst in Oklahoma, we took part of the day to visit the Tulsa Zoo.  They had some really amazing animals!

I love watching the otters at the zoo.  They are one of my favorites!  They were out playing and posing for the camera here. :)

I love Snow Leopards.  My favorite animal that I cannot keep as a pet.  Look at the gorgeous coat.  It is always a trick trying to shoot between the bars, as their pens are covered, and filled with rocks.  Snow Leopards are shy animals and are usually hiding a little bit.  So beautiful!




The Painted Dogs, or Hyenas; these guys were awesome.

Arctic Fox.  Such a cute face!

Survey Trip

Road Trips!  The things to see, the foods to try, the pictures to take, the experiences to experience: everything becomes exciting, especially when you are traveling somewhere new.  About a year ago now, various events in my dad's job piled up until he was officially offered a shift in position. This would, however, require a move towards the western area of the country.  We have spent many months praying over the situation and how God would have us proceed.  Nothing has been decided, but in the late spring my dad's company thought it would be good for our family to take a survey trip through Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  So we packed up and headed west!(the day after I returned from Tennessee!)  We took a lot of pictures and did a lot of sightseeing in some beautiful and exciting areas!






This bookstore had FOUR stories!!!