Friday, January 31, 2014


January!  One of my least favorite months due to usually horrid weather, however also the month associated with new beginnings.  My January has felt far too much like surviving than beginning again.  Still, a picture a day is kind of a crazy outlet, finding beauty in the little everyday mundane life.  And an even crazier marvelous thing - I can hear the birds singing today.

Fuzzy Snuggles <3

* Flurries! *

Got sick :( Bronchitis is not fun, people!  Sleeping, Vitamin C, and several episodes of Say Yes to the Dress were in order. Along with a few too many hours on Pinterest and reading while snuggled under a blanket.

A fair share of Instagrams this month. Need to get better about bringing my blue amazing camera places...
Nutella - 'nuff said XD

Let the lipstick mark remind you to use your lips to say nice things - our "Beauty Tip" from devotions

You have to keep your spirits up around little ones - they mimic. Especially emotions. I have three kids learning from me every single day (yikes!) and it's amazing how much they pick up.  

Early Morning Elements


  1. (This is the Athelas from the Bryan Davis Forum. Just to clarify. *wave* Hello.)

    Bronchitis? Meh. Are you still sick?

    Pinterest is one of the most time consuming website /ever/. I got an account a few days ago, and it is ridiculously addicting.

    Lovely pictures!

    1. *wave* hello there!

      Thankfully no, but it took at least ten days to get there. I've still got a lingering cough/sleepiness but almost better, thank you! :)

      Pinterest. Addicting. Yes. You've got that right, hehe. Ooohh, have fun!

      Thank you so much :D