Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas on New Years

New Years Day was spent with dear friends; the little ones I babysit full-time/nanny.  It had been a long Christmas Break without seeing each other, and we were all excited to get together and exchange presents.  We ate some favorite food (fruit and chips of course were in demand by little Rarity and myself!), had the teli on in the background on some sports channels (I was real into it, can you tell? ;) ), and, of course, opened presents!

Definitely ready!
Makenna, Madi, Sam, and Aly all waiting to open presents!

Duckling and Rarity (affectionately called thus, of course)

Little House on the Prairie presents.  They loved their bonnets and were prancing about in the snow within the hour, Mary and Laura, having a marvelous time

                                                                     Sis looks great in hats!

Danielle got Mamma and I tickets to see Pride and Prejudice performed.  Pride and Prejudice on stage! Just wait and let the gravity of that sink in and then allow me to gush with excitement. I cannot wait until March!  Fabulous gift!!

 Squirt and his new trains :)

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