Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall Randomness

The wonderfulness of fall!  We had another cold autumn complete with snow.  

The Homeschool Co-op started, and this year I joined back in as a preschool teacher.  Lot's of Fun, Play, and Mess!

...and also a lot of learning...

Halloween came, and as is now tradition Aly joined Priscilla to Trick or Treat.  They had their hearts set on being Anna and Elsa.  Between Goodwill, the back of the closet, and my fabric stash Aly managed to put her costume together the week before.  And yes, it was the night before we raided the bin of fabric for something that would resemble Anna's cape (nothing like last minute projects.)  Considering it was a two hour project only using what we already had, not too bad!  | Lorin and I stayed behind to hand out candy dressed in scottish garb (and a few quilts for myself.) 




Aly wanted to go shopping for her birthday.  I think she succeeded...

Basically, what it looks like trying to get the kids to sit for a group picture.

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