Monday, June 8, 2015

Sarah's Wedding

I love weddings.  The chiffon, the hairspray, the flowers, the pearls.  The laughter, the pictures, the family and friends, the cheering and crying and love.  There is chaos and peace and hearts full to the bursting, weddings can bring out the best (and worst!) in everyone! 






I was so honored to be part of Sarah's big day!  Excitement and energy filled the air from the moment we arrived and only increased as another curl was pinned, another coat of mascara applied, or another purple dress was donned.  Everyone there was so happy for both Sarah and Tim.  We took our job as bridesmaids seriously and as such an extraordinary amount of yelling and screaming ensued at all the proper moments (and any other time we thought was deemed cheer worthy.)


The weather was ominous all day, and we really weren't sure what to expect.  A lot of prayer went into the hanging grey clouds, and they held off their downpour until every last picture was done; as soon as we entered the reception hall and sat down for dinner, the sky opened up and let loose all the rain it had been holding all day.  The wedding was magical and beautiful, and I am so glad to have been there to witness it!


Things to note: *If you don't have the instructions, don't be the bridesmaid to help with the bustle.  It always always always takes longer than expected.  *Curls die in humidity.  *This best man watched the groom the entire time as the bride walked down the isle - the groomsmen may do less screaming than the bridesmaids, but they are no less supportive.  *Bumblebees like flower bouquets.  They also have no respect for weddings or sympathy for bridesmaids forced to hold flowers at arms length because a bee has decided to rest there for a better portion of the ceremony.
** Photos here taken mostly by my mom.

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  1. Congratulations to Sarah and Tim -- and thanks so much for sharing!!! It looks like it was a hugely joyful, (emotion-packed!) and fun filled day.... :D