Friday, August 28, 2015

Little House in the Big Woods {Thanksgiving 2014}

  Our annual family Thanksgiving comes at just the right time. The perfect break from school, work, or basic life responsibilities, we all enjoy the time away.  There's just something special about a break from the everyday, busy sort of life and taking an extra long weekend to spend time together.  Our time is filled in delightful ways. Board games and puzzles.  Various mountain hikes. A small stack of books. Target practice.  We make oh-so-much food and then buy still more.  From homemade pies to chicken nuggets, there's never a shortage of things to eat or hot things to drink. Thanksgiving in the big woods is not complete without a tower of pop cans, a fire in the living room stove, an intense game of Farkle or Blokus, Black Friday thrift store shopping, and of course a couple rolls tossed across the table.


 This year brought with it a new edition to the fun!  Just the week before we arrived at my grandparents house, this adorable white bunny was found wandering in the brush.  Clearly domesticated, and clearly in need of a home, Granny took him in until we could find him a home.  Of course, once I saw this little guy I knew I'd need to find him the perfect home, not just any old place.  I told my mom bunny needed a home, and - my animal addiction having been her constant companion these twenty years - she sighed and told my dad it looked like we had a new rabbit.  Look how sweet and cute he is!  we brought him home in a box in the middle seat between me and Aly, then mom and I ran out to the pet store to get him a cage and food and hay and other bunny necessities. He now lives in my room, leading a very happy and probably spoiled life, and Aunt Cheryl says he won the bunny lottery.  

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