Friday, March 21, 2014



A little bit of the randomness that happens in my life; those bits that don't get recorded anywhere else, the little pieces that make up the whole.  Here are those pictures that don't really fit anywhere and could go everywhere.  These tell stories of the days I didn't take enough pictures of an event to deserve it's own post, and these tell stories of the days I took photos of seemingly nothing just because it seemed fitting.  Life has been hard, but these are some highlights.

Here there are inklings of spring.  Here are little things I wear or do or eat.  The matching outfits Madi and I own, the silliness of my cats, the pretty eyeshadow Danielle gave to me that I so love and the waterproof mascara that is what I wear in case of the all too frequent tears.

Here are a few of Sam's antics; including his discovery of taking pictures and eating cookie dough.  Here is the morning the kids spent the night here, the following teen scavenger hunt at the Greene where Calleigh and I shopped. Where Aly, Amy, and myself messed around with the camera while waiting to leave.  All followed by an evening celebrating Priscilla's 13th birthday, an old fashioned singalong with wonderful homemade food and wonderful voices.

Here there be the little beautiful things of life.

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