Thursday, March 6, 2014

Of February

February came to an end quietly, and March arrived with heaviness in the sky and a snowstorm.  I attempted a photo challenge for last month with relative success, and here are my results.  I did at least succeed in taking a photo every day! I am very excited I've so far kept up with my take a photo every day of the year goal ^_^ 

1. Yourself    
2. A View from your Window

3. Passion

4. Something You Ate

5. Words  
6. Looking Up (or more like looking ahead...)

7. Friendship

8. Hands

9. Your Junk Drawer

10. A Stranger - or, er, a milkshake...
11. Red

12. A Shadow

13. Makes you laugh (or more makes you smile, "Can we have popcorn after the photoshoot?")

14. A Heart
15. Your Handwriting (I got distracted during the challenge this day...)

16. A Memory (I added the handwriting here)
17. Music
18. Looking Down - I was too busy looking down at this book to check what my photo of the day was -.-  

19. Workspace
20. Itsy Bitsy (or the opposite of - that place was huge!)
21. Architecture (I felt I saw plenty of that at Ikea. Instead, a random picture)

22. Motion (Gallopin' Green Apple lotion ^.^ )
23. Power Lines (or a kitty)

24. A Sign (er, donut?)
25. A Clock

26. A Beverage (the one day I didn't take a photo of my tea xD so here are pretty pens)

27. Love (definitely a few things I love - relaxing with a computer, cup of tea, blanket...)

28. Texture (two photos!)

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