Monday, February 24, 2014

Look Like Love

Little girl dreams of my first dozen roses.  Homemade cards shaped like hearts.  Foldable valentines (and saving the shiniest, cutest, favouritest ones.) Unjustifiably expensive chocolates that are oh so good (after having taken a bite out of at least six to discard the peculiar ones - and leave those for mom.) Conversation hearts with faded messages. My cat eating my rose any of the years my dad got me one. Some of my first Valentines Day memories.  Then I got older, and it just wasn't for me.  I hung out with my friends, ate any chocolate I could get my hands on, wished for flowers, knew those rather frightening stuffed bears holding hearts weren't for me (nor were the wannabe romantic cards they came with.)  Waiting for the day when roses and [good] chocolate were to be given to me.  Because that was what Valentines Day is about, right?  Yeah, well, maybe not. It's so much more.

This is an entire day devoted to love.  Although, I suppose the reality is that every day should be devoted to love.  We are called to love.  Valentines Day is a day of love.  Unfortunately, as we humans so often do, we forget the purpose of a holiday - or any day, for that matter! We make it about us.  This isn't just a day about romance, but a day about love.  We have such a wonderful opportunity to show the love of Jesus on this day.  And yet, how many times have I sat thinking about myself?  How I have no one to buy me flowers, what I'm going to do, how sorry I am for me.  And how very selfish I am.  Who else is out there hurting? Who else is far more alone than me? Who needs love? And how can I show it to them.

I wanna Look Like Love.
Be more than just enough.
For the hearts that are broken, coming undone.
It's up to you and me, to leave a legacy.
If we're all they ever see.

I babysit three kids. Each of them made me a valentine.  Each of them show me a childlike, unconditional love.  They (and their mamma :D ) had a little gift basket for me full of things I love - bright pens, fun socks, chocolates, and of course the age old conversation hearts.  They all love Valentines Day, and were just so excited to give.  It's such a simple lesson! You'd think it would be just as simple to execute, but instead it's pretty darn hard to grasp the fact that life isn't about us.  And how better to show that, than by giving love? Showing love? Looking like the love of God? Yeah, I think children grasp that better than us.  They give and receive love without reservation. It's quite beautiful.
Let me be the first to admit.
There are days that I just don't have the strength to give.
Don't wanna stay there.

If I believe there's a Savior.
Is the proof in me?
Is He alive and breathing?
Is He what they'll remember?
Is He what they see?
When they look at me.

Do I look like, look like love?

more Valentines photos here  -- lyrics by Britt Nicole, Look Like Love from the album Gold

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