Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bookishness of Late

"He never went out without a book under his arm, and he often came back with two" - Victor Hugo, Les Miserables 

Early this summer I decide to paint my room - a very bright blue.  I thought to myself, I'm eighteen and have done so few impulsive things in my life.  Why not?  There was a reason why not, and it wasn't my feel sick to my stomach curl up and cry response to change.  I have furniture.  I had to move my bed around my room while I painted (not ideal - please, if you try that don't try that, just keep fighting with your little sister until she lets you store things in her room for a week.) And the big problem.  My bookshelves.  Books.  Library books. Stacks of books.  Everywhere.  They just sort of...tumbled everywhere.  And paint most certainly could not get on my books.  So I carried my books downstairs.  All of them. Took them out of alphabetical order by author and arranged them in a general largest to smallest order. Left them stacked in my mamma's living room until my room was put back in some semblance of order and ready for my books.  I was sad to see my lovely stacks go back upstairs - it made me quite happy to look at them - but I of course didn't think I had enough books after seeing them all displayed as such!

  I'm always buying new books to add to my collection. 

Reading new books people recommend/shove into my hand.

Some of my favorite are on this shelf.  Yes, I have a thing for duplicates when I like both covers or feel loyal to the original.

Classics waiting to be read - seriously, this is the most beautiful copy of Little Women I have ever seen.  It was purple.  Yes, purple!  Mmn, even the pages.  Made me so happy...

Library Trips <3

Read this January (links to my reviews):

This site.  It's full of young adult books, with a few adult and children's books as well.  Very straightforward and incredibly helpful - if you're questioning that book you've seen everywhere or the one you've seen over and over on the shelf, this is a good place to use to check it out :)

One last thing: these.  No, I cannot find the original sources for these.  I cannot find who wrote them. I would love to give credit where it is due, but I just don't know! Nonetheless, read them.  Yeah, they're probably a little longer than you think you have time for, but it's worth it.  Oh so beautiful it makes me smile inside my special reader's place.

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