Friday, July 1, 2016

Spring Lovelies

"It smells like warm!" - Sammy, one of the first days we opened the windows to let the sunshine and fresh spring breezes in.  I sat playing the piano, and he sat in the rocking chair next to me, simply staring outside and watching the robins and the flowers and the neighbors.  This spring Aly was in a production of Mary Poppins, the girls hosted their very own tea party, and I sewed both my sister's theatre costume and a dress for myself. --- In between the business of the season, we spent quite a bit of time enjoying the spring weather. I would carry all of my devotional items outside and Sam all of his coloring supplies and we'd sit on the back deck together.  We also played catch, picked flowers, washed rearranged the dirt on my car, and listened to a lot of K-Love.

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