Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Meet Fitzsimmons (and blogging update)

Now that I have this wonderful, lovely, blog-accommodating computer, I plan to be making a few changes around the blog.  On top of a more clean and chic look, and updated "About Me" page, and actual recent pictures of myself, I plan to be adding some new post topics! After all, it may be my blog, but I don't want it to be "all about me."  I'll still be doing seasonal updates, but in addition to pictures about my daily life, the goal is to add in other things that I am passionate about. (in case you're wondering, this will hopefully include style/fashion, Bible study musings, travel, and more) I'm definitely still going to be a lifestyle blogger: covering a little bit of everything in this crazy messy life.  However, I hope to be a bit more organized in the future, that way I can post more than simply random photos! So hold tight as all of the new elements here get up and running!
To help with the new blogging, I want you to meet Fitzsimmons: my new laptop! He is an HP Pavilion, with a touch screen that flips all the way around. I am very excited about this, and I'm hoping the new size and features will help me with my blogging (and be more consistent ;) maybe.)


  1. Awesome! I love the new topics you are going to include! What a great new computer too. Take care!

  2. I just got a new laptop too! Which is why i've started up a blog... Can't wait till your next post!