Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Missing From Me

Some very close friends of ours are also missionaries to Kenya, Africa.  They left for the field in 2008 and this year had their second furlough back in the States.  It was so wonderful to see them again, but all too soon it was time for them to return to their other home.  Emily stayed behind to attend college and had already left, but the other four needed a place to stay the night before they were to leave.  They stayed the night at our house Thursday before departing late Friday afternoon.  To make the evening special for Amy, we invited almost all of the young girls from our church over to also spend the night.  They all had a wonderful last time together and partied well into the night; Josiah stayed in my room to avoid some of the girls and he got to use my laptop with his choice of movie. ;)  Twelve people stayed the night, and fourteen people went to dinner at Applebees!  Without the sadness of letting them go again, it was a wonderful time.  We went to the airport with them Friday, and ended up having several crying girls.  Having done this once before with Emily when I was thirteen, it was so hard to relive it again and see all of them crying and going through what I knew was so difficult.  Aly and Amy had a hard time saying goodbye, but I took a few pictures of them before the plane left.  They make us sad, but we are glad for the memories we made before they left.  We miss and love you all! 

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