Tuesday, January 17, 2017

5 Reasons for Keeping My Bucket List

Around the time I started blogging, I also started a bucket list - a list of things I want to do, see, or accomplish with my life.  I had loved the idea for a while, and needed all the reason I could to embrace a new season of my life.  I had recently lost a lot - friends I'd had for nearly a decade, the kitty I'd had for longer, and the path I was planning on going down in my life.  I needed a general sense of direction, no matter how crazy or far out-there some of my ideas seemed to be.  I needed something to look forward to.  I needed even a small thing to keep me honest-to-goodness living.

I purchased a small notebook and began filling it with things I wanted to do.  Every time I would think of something new, I wrote it down as the next number on my list.  Whenever I completed an item, I'd put a date next to it.  There really haven't been that many I've managed to cross off just yet, but they've already taught me a lot. 

Here are my top reasons for having a Bucket List.

1.) Face Your Fear
What would you do, if fear was not holding you back?  We are not called to live in a state of fear, but freedom.  I don't want to be afraid all of the time.  I'm finding that certain things I was afraid to do, are also things I would love to experience.  Having this list reminds me not to let fear keep me from living the life I want to live.

2.) Purpose and Vision
God has a purpose for each and every life.  He didn't make one of me, different from every other billion person on the planet, by accident.  Wouldn't it be a shame to let life slip by while we live lethargically? Where there is no vision, the people perish: let's keep a purpose for our lives, with Christ as the ultimate vision.

3.) Make Every Moment Count
What knows how long we have?  From this season of life to literal breathing and living, it could change at any time.  Don't wait around assuming you have more.  We should get excited to live our calling!

4.) Encouragement to Learn
I think it's safe to say that we do not want to be called foolish.  Pay attention, study, ask questions, try something new - there is so much to learn to both help and bring us joy through life.

5.) See the Glory of God
Yes, the world is fallen.  But there is still beauty to be found.  God did not leave us, His creation, with no way out of misery.  To the child of God, we know something better is coming, which to me only encourages the lovely here.  Unlike so many of the lost, we know this is not all there is: in every moment of beauty we can see a glimpse of God's glory, and be filled with the power of hope for what is yet to come.  How inspiring, to see God's power and might, and wonder at it through the places I wish to see in His Earth.

The truth is, I have a lot I still want to accomplish!  I want to experience life, not being held back by fear. I want to make a difference in the world, to touch people and be a blessing wherever I go.  I want to be seen as someone who is kind and classy, courageous and full of life.  I want to serve and be helpful, to use my gifts to bring happiness.  I want find love, to be it and show it wherever I am and however I feel. It's not like I want a lot out of myself or anything, right?

So what is the point?

Having this little list reminds me to live my one life fully and abundantly for the glory of God.  But it also keeps one more thing in check:

 No matter how many adventures I have, how many people know me, or what I accomplish, there is one thing that I want to encompass all of this.  In the end, I want people to look at me and see that I have a heart like Christ.  I want them to say that my heart looks like His.
Whatever God calls me to do, I want to be right there in His will serving Him.  I plan to spend my life loving Jesus, and hopefully, at the end of my days, people will look over my life, and say Yes, her heart was like His.


  1. A servants heart from Christ speaks volumes. And yes, I too want to leave a legacy and I want people to know me as "The woman after God's heart". Have a good Wednesday sweetie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. I think it's the best legacy we could hope to leave behind! Thank you, I hope you've had a wonderful week!

  2. Love your thought of making every moment count! So many little and mundane moments can still be lived to the glory of God!

    1. Thank you! That is so true, I think we too often forget that we weren't only made to glorify God in the "big" things. :)