Friday, October 16, 2015

Enchanting Rose: Tea Cup Exchange

Just recently Stephanie over at Enchanting Rose hosted a tea cup exchange, and this was my first year participating! (I've just been a bit late getting my post up as I've been fighting a cold here.) The way it works, various ladies from all over the world sign up, and Stephanie matches us up.  We send to one person, and receive from another so there is the opportunity to make two friends through the exchange! 
I sent a tea cup to Lexi from Times and Seasons of a Beautiful Life.  I had so much fun putting a package together for her and looking through her blog (which you should go check out!)

I received a tea cup from Cryslyn who blogs over at Joyfully Inspired.  It was such a delight to get her package in the mail, decorated in special butterfly stickers.  Inside it was filled with lovelies.  A mosaic-styled tea cup and saucer with many shades of my favorite color; a delicate white doily; delicious berry teas; and this amazing necklace in the shape of a book - none other than Pride and Prejudice. <3  I absolutely adore all that Cryslyn sent me - thank you so much for being so generous!

Many thanks to Stephanie for putting this all together! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to the next exchange.  Hugs and thanks to all! <3


  1. Beautiful! I love your teacup!
    Thank you so MUCH for mine! I loved the whole package! Blessings to you dear!

  2. Your tea cup is very pretty. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I liked participating in this exchange as well and am excitedly anticipating the next one. :)


  3. Oh, your teacup is such a pretty mosaic pattern. I hope you enjoy sipping your new tea from it.

  4. My dear Skyeler, what a stunning tea! I have never seen one quite like it. And the extra little goodies are simply lovely. It was a joy to have you join the fun and I thank you for your participation.

    Hugs to you!

  5. Oh my, you have received some lovely gifts. Your mosaic tea cup is a thing of great beauty. It was such a fun exchange, wasn't it. May you have a lovely weekend sipping tea from your pretty new tea cup!

  6. What a cool mug! Love the unique mosaic pattern. The P & P necklace is super cute!