Tuesday, February 3, 2015


May brought with it more sunshine, fresh air and the longing for summer.  After the extensive travel April brought May was comparably calm.  We celebrated Mom's birthday the day after we returned from the survey trip, so cupcakes and T.V. were the extent of the celebratoriness she wished.  Not to be taken lightly, however, as those cupcakes tasted beautiful.  

Calleigh had an aquarium pass, so she came and picked me and Sammy up and the three of us went on a field trip. ;)  We all had fun, and aquariums are beautiful.  The only problem became the shark tunnel.  Sammy hated the sharks with a passion.  He stared in horror before whimpering, followed by crying and then screaming, "NO SHARKS!" all the way through the tunnel. And kept on once outside of it.  Yes, I was carrying "that kid".  The one everyone is wondering about, trying to figure out who is screaming an why the parent is not shutting the kid up.  I now know first hand, sometimes all you can do is keep going.  In the words of a favorite blue fish, "Just Keep Swimming."



We were able to spend some time outside without jackets, which resulted in "Picnic Days" (quote: Sammy) and splatter painting.  Messy and fun! Above you can see Madi and Sammy finishing up their canvases, using paintbrushes, strainers, rubber-bands, fingers, and who knows what else.  |  The church's annual ladies' banquet rolled around and Emily came over beforehand so we could get ready together.  Life doesn't hand out enough dress-up opportunities IMHO.  ;)  Pretty dresses, nail polish, lipstick, curling irons and shoe decisions.  Little happy positive things. 


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