Sunday, June 22, 2014

April Photos week 4

April 20 - A Frozen colouring book in my Easter basket.  Because I love to colour and I'm so mature like that. ;)

April 21 - New blooming flowers

April 22 - Sammy looking out the window; watching cars, trucks, the neighbors get mulch, and other such neighborhood events that fascinate a two year old boy.

April 23 - Stayed home from work today and packed for the trip to TN to visit Sarah, and the survey trip out west.  Rory helped.  Also, it was my half birthday!

April 24 - no picture

April 25 - Waiting for Mrs. Angel and Aly to come.  Mrs. B came and got me and we left for TN, and Mamma watched Sammy those days.  Squirt was very excited Aly was coming to play.

Friday, June 20, 2014

April Photos week 3

April 13 - It's finally warm!

April 14 - Devotions on the front porch.

April 15 - Cute little foxy!

April 16 - We went shopping twice; we were going to try to find a shirt to match Granny's purple pants.

April 17 - Fluffy was watching us play cornhole. 

April 18 - 19 - No pictures :(

Thursday, June 19, 2014

April Photos week 2

April 6 - No photo

April 7 - Tea and wonderful bread.

April 8 - Morning rain

April 9 - Sammy wanted to help make brownies.

April 10 - Reading

April 11 - Frozen fruit snacks!

April 12 - Traveled to KY

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Field Trip!

So, I'm quite behind in my blog posts.  Still, today was my first day off work so summer has officially begun! Sadly I am sick (again) so mostly I laid around on the couch watching Once Upon A Time and My Little Pony.  I was sitting here, trying to catch up my blog a little bit while eating a blue cotton candy popsicle.  The old kind, with two sticks so you can break it in half and share it with a friend (as if people actually do that) or so you can have two popsicles and your mom won't complain.  The kind where you have to get real careful when you get to the end or else it falls off the stick.  Yeah, apparently they come in cotton candy, and I have yet to learn how to eat one carefully, as I have just proceeded to drop half on myself and now am quite sticky as I write this.  There ends my eating popsicles while typing attempts.

This post has been some time coming, but there were so many pictures I took, that I really couldn't choose just a few.  The week of the kids spring break, we took them to the Boonshoft Museum.  It was so much fun.  The playing, climbing, pressing buttons, touching, exploring: the kids were all over it.  They especially loved the little zoo part.  Kids were running and screaming, as usual, which only added to the endless energy of these three.  Everyone was exhausted when we got home; Sam went to bed with his ball which he picked in the gift shop, and the girls collapsed on the couch.  It was a fun day for everyone!

Ready to go! (A.K.A. the "Why are we taking a picture here instead of going inside to play?!" photo.)

This bobcat reminded me of my old kitty, Sparkles.  The mannerisms were quite familiar to us.  Sparkles was a stray cat from the hills of Kentucky, so it has always been questioned by our family if he was part bobcat.

Sammy loved the owls.

Aly, making her own fun.  (Note the terrified passenger, and rather crazy driver of this vehicle.)

The special exhibit: The Amazon Rainforest.  The main attraction here was the giant, lifesize, plastic snake.  Sam climbed on it and promptly yelled "Yeehaw!"

Part of the fun was the fake snake was also actual weight.  The kids had to work together to lift it.

These two loved the jail...

And of course, Madi played judge.