Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Enchanting Rose Teacup Exchange: Fall 2017

Once again, Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose has hosted her teacup exchange!  I always look forward to this event, and enjoy putting together a package to send out, and receiving one from a different kind lady every year.  This year I was blessed to have been given a package from LeAnne.  It was her first time participating in the exchange, and she put together such a lovely box for me!  Today I'm sharing with you some of the wonderful things that were inside it.

First the very cute tea cup with a scripture verse in an elegant script (and blue, of course!)

A few packs of green Elephantea, which are honestly so adorable (there were also several packets of raspberry tea, but...I drank all of those - so delicious!)

My favorite part, though, is that gorgeous bookmark and the lovely table runner.  LeAnne hand wove both of these on her looms at home.  How neat is that?  They are both beautiful and sturdy, and absolutely amazing.  I have already put the bookmark to good use, and look forward to using it often.  

So many thank yous to LeAnne for putting together such a darling package, and to Stephanie for putting the exchange together for us yet again!


  1. That is amazing that she made you such a pretty hand-woven bookmark and table runner! They are gorgeous! So nice to be able to be a part of this exchange and to make such new and wonderful friends!

  2. Skyeler, that is such a gorgeous gift package from your tea cup to the hand woven runner and book mark to that adorable tea! I have never heard of that tea before, so very cute.

    Have a beautiful day ♡

  3. Good evening, Skyeler! Your package is simply lovely and oh, what a sweet mug! It's so pretty and the scalloped edge is very dainty.

    Thank you for participating in the exchange, dear one. Take care and enjoy the holiday season. Hugs!

  4. Hello! Such a wonderful package you received, and how fun to open up each item. Such a beautiful tea cup...hope you are enjoying it!

  5. You received some very special treats! I, too, love the look of your new runner and bookmark - even more special to know that they are hand made.

  6. Beautiful package. I missed the Fall exchange. So fun!