Sunday, June 22, 2014

April Photos week 4

April 20 - A Frozen colouring book in my Easter basket.  Because I love to colour and I'm so mature like that. ;)

April 21 - New blooming flowers

April 22 - Sammy looking out the window; watching cars, trucks, the neighbors get mulch, and other such neighborhood events that fascinate a two year old boy.

April 23 - Stayed home from work today and packed for the trip to TN to visit Sarah, and the survey trip out west.  Rory helped.  Also, it was my half birthday!

April 24 - no picture

April 25 - Waiting for Mrs. Angel and Aly to come.  Mrs. B came and got me and we left for TN, and Mamma watched Sammy those days.  Squirt was very excited Aly was coming to play.

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  1. Skyeler, I've nominated you for the Liebster award!